The primary purpose of the Arapahoe County Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (BPMP) is to identify a comprehensive system of on-street and trail facilities that safely connects neighborhoods and destinations and encourages walking and bicycling for travel and recreation. The plan will utilize existing and planned pathways, trails, roadway infrastructure, utility and drainage easements, open spaces and linear parks to create an interconnected network. This will provide access to neighborhoods, parks, activity centers, Town Centers, work centers, park and rides, light rail stations, bus stops, schools, places of interest, and connectivity to the trails and pathway systems of adjacent communities. The plan will be developed in close coordination with the many communities within and adjacent to Arapahoe County and will serve as a guide for planning, prioritizing, and for constructing bicycle and pedestrian network improvements. See the Project Schedule.

Founded November of 1861, Arapahoe County is the state’s first county and has a population of more than 600,000 and spans 806 square miles. The Arapahoe County Open Space program began in November 2003 and has a mission to “protect Arapahoe County’s treasured parks, trails and open space for residents to enjoy today and forever.” To accomplish the program’s mission, the County acquires, develops and stewards strategic land and water resources necessary to establish an interconnected network of open space, parks and trails.

The County and its municipal, state, federal, non-profit, private sector, and park and recreation district partners work together to accomplish the vision and mission of the program. These partnerships protect the vast natural resources found within Arapahoe County while meeting the open space needs of its citizens in both incorporated and unincorporated areas. For more information about Arapahoe County, visit

Project Goals

  • Complete an inventory of sidewalks, on-street bike facilities, and trails
  • Assess the current conditions of the bicycle and pedestrian networks
  • Identify a future network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities that will safety connect neighborhoods with shopping, jobs, schools and other activity centers
  • Provide Arapahoe County residents, employees, and visitors with travel options
  • Develop bicycle and pedestrian facility design guidelines
  • Formulate a phasing plan to guide budgeting and implementation of the future network
  • Identify performance measures to track progress
  • Engage the public meaningfully throughout the process
  • Collaborate with municipalities and other agencies (e.g., CDOT, RTD, DRCOG)

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